A Group of Surfers Are Perfecting Wave-Riding Without Surfboards


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Source: @Fosterhunting/Instagram

Source: @Fosterhunting/Instagram

Haters will say it’s photoshopped. And you can’t really blame them when you watch what you’re about to watch.

According to Foster Huntington, the man behind the “Floater” video below, a group of surfers in California have been working for years on how to perfect the ability to surf…without a surfboard.


As in, with your feet.

Yeah, I know. Yet in the video we see the surfers (in specialized wetsuits) literally riding the waves with wipeouts aplenty as they surf, and no boards to be found.

Watch the video below:

Floater from Foster Huntington on Vimeo.

If you peruse the comments section of the video, you can see where Foster responds to a commenter’s question about the possibility of learning this skill. Foster’s response: “It’s a technique taught by a fisherman on a remote island off Baja.”

And here I thought it was Aquaman or some other member of the Justice League. Regardless, this video has been making the…waves…on social media since its release. Surf’s up!


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