You Missed These 22 Hidden Secrets In Disney Movies.


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You may not know this, but movie studios, like Disney and Pixar, will sometimes include hidden secrets in various scenes from their movies. For movie fans, it can be fun to spot these hidden gems. It’s a lot like hunting for hidden Easter eggs. You never know where you will fimd them, so you have to have sharp eyes. For example, if you look closely, you will find awesome secrets hiding in many Disney movies.  Let’s hope the movie studios, like Disney, never stop the fun.

The following hidden secrets and way cool surprises were found in popular Disney movies. So look closely, or you will miss them all. Once you discover these hidden secrets, watching Disney movies will never be the same. Happy hunting.


1. In Tangled, not just any spinning wheel, but the spinning wheel from Sleeping Beauty can be found in Rapunzel’s tower.


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