The Hottest Female Golfers


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The heart of a golf course isn’t called the fairway for no reason. There are some very fine-looking players of the fairer sex playing golf today. But is it the way these ladies fill a polo shirt and shorts, or wear a golf cap that makes them so darn sexy? Or, is it the way they swing a golf club that has so many male viewers mesmerized? Whatever the case, these ladies are not just beautiful, they’re skilled golfers who have perfected their form and their swing. Most people are surprised to learn that women have been playing golf since 1867. But it was not until 1977 that the PGA finally started accepting female members.

Ladies, you’ve come a long way to get the recognition you deserve. Here are sixteen of the sexiest women in the game today.


Blair O’Neal


There’s something classically “American” about Blair, with her stunning, movie star blonde hair and sculpted features. Known for her lean muscles and tremendous swinging power, Blair O’Neal has been golfing since she was 11, and has proven herself with two NCAA long-drive championships.


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