25 Hottest Wives & Girlfriends in Sports


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Hey, remember high school? The jocks had all the fun. They were the school stars. A jock was often the Prom King and got to dance with and even date the hot Prom Queen. Guess what? Nothing has changed. Many of those jocks have gone on to great sports careers and, yes, they still get the hot girls. Okay, okay. Successful nerds and funny guys often get beautiful women, too. But this article is about the sports stars who have it all.



Don’t be jealous, guys. It’s only natural that sports stars get the hottest women in the universe. After all, why would any self-respecting babe give up a chance to drive around in a Porsche or Lamborghini, and live in a multi-million dollar mansion with a physically perfect male specimen, who is probably charming, clever, sensitive, respectful, and caring, as well? That’s not to say we average guys don’t have something to offer. Hey, we do, right?

Without any further ado – and for your viewing pleasure – please enjoy these 25 beautiful wives and girlfriends of sports stars.


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