The Hottest Women In Hollywood


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In April, PEOPLE magazine named Sandra Bullock it’s “Most Beautiful Woman” in the world. While certainly some might disagree, Bullock has continued to outshine the competition both onscreen and off. The accolades are well deserved.

But it got us thinking. How do you boil it down to just one with so many head-turning stunners walking the streets of Hollywood daily?


So this is it. Your definitive listicle (which will inevitably be incomplete, so bear with us) of the most beautiful women in the world 2015. The. Definitive. List. Don’t even bother with those other lists. We’ve got you covered. Who’s your favorite? Who would you include? Comment below.


Kate Beckinsale

Oh Cupid, why must you lance my heart with your arrow of amour?

Year-in and year-out, Beckinsale burns up the “hottest” charts from a host of different sources. Who are we to disagree?



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