Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Conan O’Brien Go For a ‘Ride Along’


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When Conan O’Brien decided to teach one of his late-night employees to drive, she probably didn’t expect to be carpooling with Ride Along stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. But that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday’s episode of the late night comedy show and the results were hilarious, to say the least.

O’Brien took his employee, Diana Chang, out on the road Tuesday to practice her new skills before she took her driving exam. O’Brien made sure she was well informed of the rules of the road and equipped for any situation that might come her way. Conan’s first rule: never let anyone pass you on the road! Unfortunately, Chang failed that first test.


“Well, you just let that guy pass you, so now it’s like you’re his bitch, you know what I mean?” Conan told Chang. “So now you’ve got to be like, ‘No, I’m not your bitch. You’re my bitch,’ and then you accelerate and cut him off.”

O’Brien quickly decided that Chang needed to learn how to drive with passengers in the back seat and enlisted Kevin Hart and Ice Cube to offer some more advice.

The drive quickly moved from a lesson to a joyride. Hart even went anti-seat belt, exclaiming “Thug life!” However, the former N.W.A rapper was quick with the rebuttal. “Tupac [Shakur] was one of the biggest thugs I know,” Ice Cube explained, “and he always wore his seatbelt.”

The group continued their L.A. adventure teaching Change valuable lessons like throwing pennies and batteries at other drivers and the importance of honking the horn. The conversation itself was hilarious, covering everything from prostitutes to drugs, which eventually led them to stop by a dispensary.

After making some choice purchases from the dispensary, the group took off to “break the law” in front of the police.

“We ain’t scared of no po po,” said Ice Cube.

“Suddenly all my anxieties and fears are gone,” announced the late-night host.

Watch the hilarious video to check out the group’s crazy antics! We’re surprised none of them are in jail at this point.


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