20 Iconic Muscle Cars


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Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. The following 20 iconic muscle cars have been known to accelerate heart beats and turn heads wherever they go. If you miss the days when cars had powerful engines and sleek, racy bodies that could go from 0 to 60 in a heartbeat, then these cars are just your speed. These are by far the coolest muscle cars to ever hit the pavement. They’ll make you want to burn rubber and throw caution to the wind. See you at the finish line.

1. Charger RT





Even when it’s idling, you can feel and hear the power under the hood. Take your average 1968 or 69′ Dodge Charger, add a high-performance R/T package (R/T stood for Road/Track), paired with a powerful 440 7.2 liter “Magnum” V8 engine, and you know this car meant business. It’ll eat your Prius for lunch.


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