#ImNotKiddingMaddi Goes Viral After Clinton Sends Email Asking for $1


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How desperate are you for $1? Well, Hilary Clinton is super desperate. For some reason, it seems she can’t escape email scandals.

On Wednesday, in an email sent from the Clinton presidential campaign, the Democratic frontrunner asks – not too nicely – for a woman named “Maddi to donate $1 to the campaign.


“I’m not kidding, Maddi, I’m asking you to give $1 right this second,” the email states.

The Democratic candidate is now under fire on social media, with memes making fun of the desperation in the email.

The campaign email came after Clinton lost the popular vote in New Hampshire to senator Bernie Sanders. However, even though she lost the people’s vote, she did win the delegates’ vote, leaving many to wonder how such a thing is possible when delegates are supposed to vote based on the peoples’ decision. The answer to that is Superdelegates.

According to Paste magazine, there are a total of 4,763 delegates, 712 of which are Superdelegates. In New Hampshire, Sanders won 15 “normal” delegates to Clinton’s nine, which is because he won the peoples’ vote. However, there are 712 Superdelegates who do not vote based on the popular vote. Instead, they vote based on whatever the heck they want. Why? Well, Superdelegates are members of Congress, mayors, and part of the House and Senate. Basically, they are deemed “important” and so get Superdelegate status. Most of the Superdelegates are pledged to Clinton.

The current Superdelegate total is 394-42 lead by Clinton. But Sanders still has the popular vote by 34-32. It may seem like Sanders doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning, but these numbers are actually not that important. The Superdelegates are merely pledged to a candidate, they can change their opinion at any time. As Paste states, “If Bernie Sanders wins the popular vote, he will be the nominee. End of story.”


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