Juliette Lewis Upset as Father Is Left Out of Oscars Tributes


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Juliette Lewis upset as father is left out of Oscars tributes

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Juliette Lewis shared her disappointment after her father Geoffrey was left out of the In Memoriam segment at the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

Traditionally, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognize those who have lost their lives over the year during the tribute section at the Oscars, but while Alan Rickman, Christopher Lee, Omar Sharif, James Horner and David Bowie were recognized for their contribution to the industry at this year’s ceremony, Every Which Way But Loose star Geoffrey Lewis was among the names left out.


Following the ceremony, Juliette Lewis took to her Twitter page to express her sadness that her dad, who died in April, aged 79, had not been included.

Geoffrey Lewis was most famous for playing villainous roles during his career and starred in films such as Maverick in 1994 alongside Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson, and Double Impact with Jean-Claude Van Damme. He also played Clint Eastwood’s sidekick in Every Which Way But Loose and a vampire in cult TV series Salem’s Lot.

Another notable name absent from the In Memoriam segment was Uggie, the dog who made a name for himself in 2011 Oscar-winning movie The Artist.

Uggie died in August at the age of 13, and many people took to Twitter to express outrage that he had not been included in the tributes.

“Where is the love and respect for @Uggie_TheArtist during the #oscars In Memoriam? #Uggie #dogsarepeopletoo,” one user wrote.

Another referenced The Artist taking home Best Picture at the 2012 Oscars, writing: “Sure they’ll give Uggie all the love when his movie’s up for awards, but leave him out of the In Memoriam…”

Viewers were also upset by Academy bosses’ failure to mention The Godfather star Abe Vigoda, who actor passed away in his sleep at his home in New Jersey at the end of last month.

Frozen star Josh Gad was one of many fans upset by the oversight.


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