Justin Timberlake’s Brother Launches Music Producing Career


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Jonathan Timberlake, 22, is making his debut as a hit-maker with new artist Liv Miraldi, who he met while attending Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.


Jonathan took to social media this week to promote LIV’s first single, Poison in the Blood, which he produced.

| LIV | 7.3.2015 | #PoisonInTheBlood | Pre-Order Now On iTunes |

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The track officially comes out Friday, July 3rd, but the younger Timberlake teased the project with short clips on Instagram and YouTube, adding, “We haven’t said much to anyone. We’ve simply wanted to focus on making the music we want to hear. We’ve wanted to make music that truly means something to us, as well as our generation and the world we live in.”


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