Kanye West and Steve Ballmer Plan Clippers Mascot Meeting


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Kanye West and Steve Ballmer plan Clippers mascot meeting

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Kanye West agreed to meet with the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team to pitch his plans to redesign their mascot.

The design discussion began on Sunday when West made a plea to Clippers boss Steve Ballmer on Twitter, and asked if he would be allowed to makeover the team’s mascot.

The Microsoft billionaire responded by asking the hip hop star to a lunch meeting, before suggesting they take in a game together at the Clippers’ Staples Center home.

On Monday, West responded by agreeing that they should meet up to discuss ideas and revealed he’d been spending time with one of the team’s stars, Chris Paul, on the day he made his mascot design request.

Ballmer is yet to publicly reply to West’s call to set a date for a meeting.

The “Jesus Walks” musician’s offer to design a mascot comes just weeks after the basketball team unveiled their newest mascot, Chuck the Condor.

Chuck, who was unveiled by the owner himself at a game last month, has not been popular among fans of the Clippers partly due to his lack of connection with the team’s history.


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