Father of Five Girls Gets the Ultimate Surprise in the Delivery Room With a New Baby Boy


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With a family of five girls, Kennedy Zarour wasn’t getting his hopes up for a boy when his wife gave birth last month. When Zarour’s wife — Natalie — went into labor, the gender of their child was unknown. However, Zarour got the surprise of his life with a new little boy! Luckily, the entire moment was caught on camera and it captured all of Zarour’s excitement. “Oh my God, I love it! Yeah baby! I got a boy!” Zarour yells in the video. The surprise of a boy was a little shocking for Zarour. The doctors had to ask him to take a seat and calm down a bit. “It wasn’t a case of being excited,” Natalie Zarour told Inside Edition. “We were both stunned. After five girls, the odds seemed to be against us, so we couldn’t help but celebrate.” The whole experience was super overwhelming. “I couldn’t believe I got that excited,” Kennedy Zarour said to Today. “I didn’t know what I was doing. I was just running around that place like a madman.” The baby boy, named Gerard, was happily welcomed by his older sisters, twins Ariana and Colette, 20, Mia, 5, Jolie, 3, and Giselle, 1. “They were extremely excited,” Kennedy Zarour said to Today. “They don’t leave him alone. He’s like a little toy to them.” News of Kennedy Zarour’s reaction traveled pretty fast around the hospital, and he quickly left a positive mark with the hospital staff. “I was walking the hallway when we were leaving there and all the nurses were pointing like, ‘That’s the guy!”’ Kennedy Zarour told Today. While having a boy makes this baby a little more exciting, Kennedy Zarour would have been happy either way. “I adore all my kids, and I would’ve been very happy with a girl, but it was definitely a nice surprise,” Kennedy Zarour told Today.
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