Kevin James felt underdressed at Billy Joel’s holiday barbecue-turned-surprise wedding


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Kevin James felt underdressed at Billy Joel

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Kevin James, star of The Grown Ups, and his wife Steffiana, were among the friends and family invited to spend the 4th of July with Billy Joel and his pregnant partner, Alexis Roderick, at his annual party in Long Island, New York.  However, it was not long before James noticed that it was more than just an Independence Day celebration at the waterfront property.



James tells Live with Kelly & Michael, “He invited me over for a Fourth of July party and I’m literally the only guy in shorts there, and it turned into a wedding. I had no idea! I literally had no idea until we were walking up the steps (to the house) and I told my wife, ‘Alexis, she’s in a gown…!’


“I looked up and people are handing me things and then I go, ‘I have bubbles… What are the bubbles for…? I’ve never been to a party like this before…’ and then literally, they got married.”

Joel,66, and his bride, 33, have been dating since 2009. She is his fourth wife, and they are expecting their first child this summer.


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