Key & Peele Risk it All to Save Kitten in New ‘Keanu’ Trailer


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Source: EW/ New Line Cinema

Source: EW/ Warner Bros

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the hilarious duo behind Key & Peele, have taken their laughs to the big screen for their first feature film together in Keanu. Together the pair take on the responsibility of rescuing the world’s cutest and most gangster kitten, Keanu.

The trailer opens up with Peele’s character sulking over a breakup when an adorable kitten shows up on his doorstep.


“That’s the cutest cat I’ve ever seen,” exclaimed Clarence (Key).

However, their happiness together is cut short when the unthinkable happens: Clarence returns home one night and finds that Keanu has been stolen by the infamous 17th Street Blips gang.

Together Key and Peele’s characters embark on a daring journey to save Keanu. Along the way they run into some rather unusual characters, including Will Forte in cornrows, and are forced to pose as drug dealers in order to pull off their mission. Gangsters, drug traffickers, and slow motion shootouts stand in their way as they pull out the big guns in order to save Keanu.

Method Man, Jason Mitchell, Darrell Britt-Gibson and Nia Long round out the ensemble cast with Key, Peele, and Forte.

Keanu, directed by Peter Atencio, hits theaters April 29. Check out the hilarious, red-band trailer below.


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