A 2-Year-Old Helped Her Mom Care for a Baby Cow After the Mother Cow Died


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Photographer and mother Lacey Gray took in her uncle’s infant cow after the mother died. Meanwhile, Gray’s 2-year-old daughter Kinley helped care for the newborn and became quite attached.

At first, Gray asked her uncle to borrow the calf, named Molly, for a photoshoot. However, at the time, the cow’s mother was still alive and probably would not have liked that, according to Inside Edition.

Unfortunately, the cow’s mother experienced a bad fall and passed away the day after — which bittersweetly gave Gray the photoshoot she desired, but more importantly, an unexpected and beautiful friendship for her daughter.

Lacey Gray

Source: AOL/InsideEdition

Gray, Kinley and Molly now live together. The young ones are clearly the bestest of friends and are totally in love with each other.


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