Lemmy’s Son Thanks Grammys for Hollywood Vampires Tribute


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Paul Inder, the son of late Motorhead star Lemmy Kilmister, thanked the Grammy Awards and the Hollywood Vampires rock group for paying tribute to his dad, insisting the heavy rocker would have loved his send-off.

Inder answered questions from the media following the performance of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” by Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper’s supergroup, and admitted he was impressed.


“I thought it was great,” he said.

“I thought it was very moving to respect my father in that way and pay homage to him, you know, at the Grammy’s too. So he would have been proud. So that was very, very touching for me,” he concluded.

Kilmister’s son also opened up about his father’s final months revealing the heavy rock icon struggled to complete what was to be Motorhead’s final dates as his body started shutting down on him.

“He had his up days and he had his down days. He would battle to go on stage sometimes, but he would always get it together, even if he was laid out on his back. I heard from Steve Luna, his assistant, that he was actually laid out on his back backstage. Then he heard the crowd chanting Lemmy, and he got up and he went out and he did it. So he was determined all the way to the end.”

“That’s all he lived for. He said, ‘Well, there’s nothing else I can do. I’m not gonna retire.’ ‘Retire’ didn’t exist in his vocabulary… He wanted to go with his boots on, and he kind of did.”

Inder is terribly proud of what his dad achieved before he succumbed to cancer in December. He insists that Kilmister is “a great example for hard-working musicians.”


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