15 Life-Changing Uses For Coconut Oil


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By now you’ve probably noticed an increase of “coconut oil” listed as an ingredient on most of your aromatic bath products. It is currently one of the most unique products on the market, not only for smelling positively delicious, but for the surplus benefits it offers. With both cosmetic and medicinal benefits, coconut oil is an excellent product for healthy living. Its offerings range from healing ultra dry skin to helping prevent infections.

Available both in grocery stores and online, be sure to be look out for specific information and labeling when shopping for your coconut oil. The best type to use is any kind with “unrefined” or at least “organic” on the packaging. Unrefined means that the product hasn’t been treated with bleach or any other chemical process to eliminate potential bacteria. While this is better for flavor, unrefined coconut oil will also not contain any harmful trans fats. Choosing “refined” coconut oil would mean the coconut has endured a chemical process, as well as sometimes experiencing hydrogenation. By going with refined coconut oil, you aren’t getting as many of the health benefits as you would from oil that is unrefined and as close to its natural element as possible.

Click through this gallery to discover a variety of ways to incorporate coconut oil into your daily routine that will ensure you’re getting all the positive benefits that the natural ingredient has to offer!


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