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Twins Separated at Birth Reunited on Live Television

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After He Harassed Her Online, How This Woman Clapped Back Is Worth Your Applause

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Mom and Baby Fell 30 Feet Off Bridge, but What She Did in Midair Saved Its Life


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Charlie Sheen Considered Suicide After HIV Diagnosis

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Grocery Store Cashier Goes the Extra Mile to Make a 90-Year-Old Grandmother’s Birthday Extra Special

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One Facebook User’s Odd View on Death and the Afterlife is Going Viral

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The 20 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever Taken

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This Family Had a Heartwarming Photoshoot to Capture Their Newborn’s Final Moments


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Man Becomes Weather Reporter in Charlotte to Mock People Overreacting to Snow

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Mom’s ‘Bridget Jones’ Style Diary on Motherhood Goes Viral


After Years of Rumors, Volkswagen Finally Unveils Self-Driving, All-Electric Microbus Update

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Hundreds of Women Will Run From New York City to Washington for Planned Parenthood

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New Guidelines Are the Same As Before: Don’t Clean Your Ears

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Iconic Sequoia ‘Tunnel Tree’ Brought Down by California Storm

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Sent a Personal Message to an 8-Year-Old Fan Who Dressed Up as Her For Superhero Day

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This Mom Wants Candy and Tabloids Out of Grocery Store Checkout Lines

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Viral Facebook Post Shows Adorable Tradition About a Father and Daughter Going on ‘Dates’


Kim Burrell Dropped as BMI Honoree After Homosexuality Remarks

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10-Year-Old Grows Hair for 2 Years to Give Wig to Friend With Autoimmune Disease

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Father Fired for Attending His Child’s Birth Over Work Gets Flooded With Job Offers

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This Fitness Guru’s Butt Selfie Is Empowering Women to Love Their Bodies

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Canine Companions Who Never Leave Their Lil’ Human’s Side Will Warm Your Heart

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French Bulldog Named Swayze Reaches Breaking Point in Standoff With Shark Toy

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Teenager’s White Furred Dog Gives Birth to a Litter of Black Furred Puppies and Demands ‘Pawternity’ Test

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These Photos From ‘Little Kids and Their Big Dog’ Are Off the Cuteness Scale

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This Teenager Showed Up in a Full Suit to Make a Good First Impression When Meeting His Newborn Niece

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A Restaurant Owned by Muslims Offers Free Food to People Without Money