Watch This Girl’s Reaction When She Learns Her Stepdad Is Adopting Her


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Image source: Love What Matters / Facebook

Image source: Love What Matters / Facebook

The holidays are a time for being with family, but also an opportunity to remember that real families come in all forms.

A video posted to the Facebook page “Love What Matters” shows a teenage girl getting the best Christmas present ever when she learns that her stepfather of five years is legally adopting her.

“Here is a video of my daughter opening her final gift Christmas morning,” says the post, written by the girl’s mother, who also shot the video. “After 5 years of her being loved and cared for by her stepdad, she received a letter and court document that on February 14, 2017 she will officially have his last name!”

The video shows the unsuspecting girl cheerfully opening an envelope and reading the note inside.

“I’m thankful to celebrate another great year with you,” a note from her stepfather read. “I’m excited for all the great things that are to come, but I want to look back and celebrate over the greatest things God has done over the past five years.”

After naming a few milestones, the note goes on: “All in all, I’m so thankful for the few short years I’ve been in your life, and look forward to the next eighty.”

The girl tears up at several points, and is barely able to finish reading the note and the legal adoption papers. She then gets up to give her stepfather an emotional hug.

“Thank you, daddy,” she whispers to her stepdad.

Although the adoption won’t be legal until February 14, it’s clear they are already a family.

Watch the entire video Love What Matters here:

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