Macy Gray Releases Socially-Conscious Christmas Tune


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Soul star Macy Gray has taken aim at Donald Trump, gun control and America’s healthcare issues in her new Christmas tune.

The “I Try” singer has turned her back on traditional festive themes, like bells, snow and Santa Claus, and taken a more political and socially-conscious approach to the holidays in her new release, “All I Want For Christmas.”


Not to be confused with Mariah Carey’s evergreen hit “All I Want For Christmas is You,” Gray’s new track opens with the lyrics: “All I want for Christmas is a whole bunch of stuff/But anything that you can buy me won’t be enough/Because everything I’m hoping for is intangible/Like free health care and gun control.”

The quirky star, who released the new tune on Amazon and iTunes on Thursday, also tackles education, global warming and Barack Obama’s presidency in the song, which features the Agape Youth Choir from the Agape International Spiritual Center in Gray’s native Los Angeles.

Gray also croons, “Santa can you swing more love? More peace?/Because that’s what everybody needs/Come save the world with me/Santa Claus stop by the ghetto too/And bring lots of opportunity with you.”

And she concludes the track with a nod to controversial presidential hopeful Trump, stating, “That Mr. Trump, he’s an entertaining guy/But let’s face it, really is he qualified?”

Gray will perform her new Christmas tune at an upcoming gig in Solana Beach, California, and during her New Year’s Eve concert at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York.


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