Man Gains Internet Fame for Movie-Themed Squirrel Obstacle Course


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Source: Steve Barley

Source: Steve Barley

A UK man from Hitchin has recently become internet-famous for his amusing videos of squirrels doing movie-themes obstacle courses. The man in question is Steve Barley, a teacher, who made the course when he started noticing squirrels on his wash line eating from a feeder. He started setting up obstacle courses in his back yard and even asked his two kids to help.

He told the Mirror, “Originally these agile little creatures had to overcome old ironing boards, garden trellis, sink plungers and bits of disused wood to reach their breakfast, but then I decided it would be fun to theme the courses.”


And create themes he did. The most popular movie course features obstacles from movies such as Jaws, Titanic, and The Great Escape. His viral video features a black squirrel he named Nutalie Portman.

Watching the squirrels make their way through the course is probably enough to warrant a viral video, but the real kicker is Barley’s hilarious commentary throughout the video. As Nutalie Portman makes her way through the course, he remarks on her injured paw and makes Hollywood-related puns through the course of the video.

Even Barley’s students love his passion.

“My pupils at school think I’m bonkers but they adore the videos and I’ve even had the odd parent come up at parents’ evening asking if I’m that ‘squirrel man’ on YouTube and wanting to know when I’m going to do another one?!'” he told the Mirror.

However, you can’t have a Hollywood-themed obstacle course without Hollywood themed awards. Barley has added a “Golden Squirrel Award” for “Best Squirrel in a Leaping Role.”

He added, “I won’t tell who wins the award, you’ll have to watch the video to find out, but I will say that with black squirrels involved, the Golden Squirrel Awards beat the Oscars on diversity!”


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