Man Revolutionizes Home Buying With These Beautiful Tiny Houses


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It’s time to de-clutter your life. That’s the mantra of one Northwest U.S. man who is changing the way home buyers look for new cribs.


Chris Heininge spent years living abroad as a Christian Missionary in Japan, China, Macau, and even India. Staying in these Asian countries through much of his teenage years, Heininge was influenced by the Japanese tradition of simple living: maintaining a lifestyle free of material possessions. He calls it, “tiny living.”

Heininge comes from a long line of “gifted craftsmen, artists, and designers” and while living in Aurora, Oregon, in 1999, Heininge began putting his theory of “tiny living” into practice by building a series of tiny houses. He had noticed the idea of the “McMansion” was fading and people were choosing more modest homes that cost less to build and maintain, and left a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

Let’s go inside one of Chris’s homes for a tour. It may look tiny on the outside, but on the inside, it’s so much more!

Here’s the Living Room.


And then the full kitchen with brand new appliances.



Some storage space beneath the stairs.


A beautiful loft bedroom. Cozy!


Say what? A full-size Jacuzzi! Sign me up.

Full Size Jacuzzi

In the cabinets by the sink you can install your washer/dryer.



The homes can be built for a mere $70,000. I know, seems pretty steep, but when you consider a full-size home costs about four times as much (in Oregon, at least), that’s quite a bargain. So who’s in?


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