Meet Archer, the Laughing Fox Who Will Instantly Brighten Your Day


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Source: Instagram @krizzles

Source: Instagram @krizzles

Meet Archer, an Arctic fox who will immediately make you smile.

The 4-year-old fox’s owner, Kristina Shafer, shared with ABC News that whenever her boyfriend laughs, Archer follows suit. Shafer shared that Archer tends to laugh the most at the end of the day when he is tired.

When my boyfriend laughs, Archer laughs #petfox #fox

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“Archer usually starts giggling whenever my boyfriend laughs,” Shafer shared. “He’s a very vocal, very loving, very happy fox.”

Laughing like a human isn’t Archer’s only impression. Shafer explained that the white fox sounds “like a monkey sometimes.”

“He also does some happy ‘screams’ and he honestly sounds like a monkey sometimes,” Shafer said. “He also does a howl whenever he’s out in the yard and wants attention or wants to come inside.”

Archer #cute #fox

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Shafer got Archer from a breeder in Indiana when he was a cub and they have been living together ever since. Shafer has trained Archer to recognize his name and to sit on command. However, potty training the little fox has been a little difficult.

“Arctic foxes are definitely not for everyone since they’re not the easiest pet to have, but I did a lot of research and decided they were for me,” Shafer explained. “They take a lot of dedication in terms of training.”

Even though the fox “needs constant supervision and a lot of patience,” it has “all been worth it” for Shafer.

“His laughter is contagious and he brings us a lot of joy,” Shafer said.

See more of Archer’s adventures on Instagram and Vine.


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