Meet Hijarbie, the Hijab Barbie Instagram Account Inspiring Everyone


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Source: Instagram @HIJARBIE

Source: Instagram @HIJARBIE

Look out, there’s another new Barbie on the block.

Barbie has been going through a lot of makeovers recently and it looks like Instagram user, @Hijarbie, decided adding one more couldn’t hurt.


Haneefah Adam, a 24-year-old from Nigeria, has designed a hijab-clad Barbie taking Barbie’s style, and her Instagram account, to a whole new level. The social media account has been running for about seven weeks and has accumulated around 7,300 followers.

Adam handcrafts all the tiny and ultra stylish homemade creations for the hijab-wearing Barbie.

“[The outfits] are inspired by the normal every day look of an hijabi girl,” Adam told BuzzFeed. “Initially, I started it to provide an outlet for my own creativity. My hope with this account is to create a positive awareness and impact.”

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Adam told Refinery29 that each outfit takes between one to three hours to make. This includes all the design, style, and photography aspects. Adam hopes that Hijarbie will inspire young Muslim girls to feel confident about themselves.

“I want Hijarbie to inspire the Muslim girl child. It’s about having a doll that looks like her, that represents her own cultural and religious background,” Adams shared with BuzzFeed. “At the end of the day, it will create a sense of value and will be inspiring them to be more confident, more driven, to believe more in themselves which leads to an appreciation of herself and her modest lifestyle and upbringing,” Adam explained.

While the hijab-style clothing is not for sale yet, Adam told Refinery29, “There has been a lot of demand for the doll,” and she is planning to sell them soon.

“It’s being seriously worked on now,” Adam shared. “So they will be available for sale soon.”

To check out all of Adam’s designs, follow @Hijarbie on Instagram.


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