Michael B. Jordan Knocked Out Cold On ‘Creed’ Set


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Michael B. Jordan was knocked out on the set of Rocky spin-off film Creed after Sylvester Stallone insisted he take a real punch as his “baptism of fire.”

The young actor portrays the boxer son of Rocky Balboa’s former ring rival Apollo Creed in the new movie, and although Jordan trained hard for the role, many of the hits thrown and taken onscreen were carefully choreographed.


However, franchise creator and co-star Stallone made sure writer/director Ryan Coogler included one real smack to the face in the shoot to really introduce Jordan to the world of Rocky.

Action man Stallone admits he felt a little sorry for the 28-year-old as he witnessed the knock out blow onset, but claims it was necessary.

“The only thing I kind of regretted is, I said, ‘Michael, as much as you are Apollo Creed’s son, you have not done your baptism of fire: you do have to take a slow-motion punch in the face,'” Sylvester recalled to RottenTomatoes.com.

“He was knocked cold, and I didn’t mean that to happen…! It’s just a rite of passage… It’s just your boxer manhood, really. He goes, ‘You know, I could have lived without that, really. Could have skipped over that lesson!'”

Luckily, Jordan wasn’t really injured during the stunt, and he can now see the funny side of Stallone’s “bright idea.”

“He was like a little kid snickering in the corner,” Jordan laughed. “He enjoyed it more than anyone, I’m sure! But yeah, I was initiated into the world of Rocky…”


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