Home Office Dog Wins ‘Employee of the Quarter’ Award


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Source: Michael Reeg/Facebook

There is nothing as dismal as the look on your dog’s face when you set off to work in the morning. For some, taking your dog to work is a positive perk that employees offer to workers. It has been proven by the International Journal of Workplace Health Management to lead to better moods, increased productivity and happier employees.

And if we’re lucky enough to work from home, having our pets by our side can be even better. Case in point Meeka — an award-winning dog, according to her dad and boss Michael Reeg. She is top dog at his company, Accuride International Inc. – a design and manufacturing firm thats provides movement to a variety of products. Reeg manages the southeastern distribution sales center from his home office in Woodstock, Georgia.

Source: Michael Reeg/Facebook


Since Reeg began working from home last year, he’s realized that the company of his dogs Meeka and Kya made a real difference.

Having Meeka around while I am at work is comforting,” Reeg wrote to Your Daily Dish. “It’s true what they say about dogs being man’s best friend. She love to ‘go to work!’ Of course, most of the time she just stays on her blanket and sleeps. I’ve even had to mute calls due to her snoring! But it’s nice that she values spending time with me. I have to be at my desk…she could go anywhere in the house…but she values that time together. Even on evenings or weekends, when I have extra work to do, she is right there with me in the office!”

For the last four business quarters of 2016, Meeka attained the distinguished honor of ‘Employee of the Quarter’ for the southeastern sales center. Reeg had each award framed in his office with Meeka mugging for the camera in different poses — one ear cocked, in partial profile, mouthing a ball, and looking regal.

Source: Twitter/Kennedy Reeg

Meeka —who is part Manchester terrier  — has proven her worth in the office as a good listener. Reeg often tests his sales pitches and presentations to her. She has been a part of the family for eight years. Reeg said she was “meant to be theirs” after being returned to the pound by two other families.

“My wife Kristen decided to drive eight hours round trip to go see her,” he wrote to Your Daily Dish. “I knew when she left that she was coming home with Meeka. In the early days, Meeka would probably not have been a contender for ‘Employee of the Quarter.’ Now that she is a little more mature and calm, she is a natural fit! I imagine those families that passed her up would be jealous to know what kind of dog she has become!”

Source: Michael Reeg/Facebook

There also happens to be another dog living in the house who isn’t quite as ambitious. Kya – who could be Meeka’s twin — is more of a slacker. A chi-weenie, she is essentially Reeg’s wife Kristen’s dog, so she doesn’t feel as compelled to vie for his approval.

“Kya spends most of her time wherever Kristen is,” Reeg wrote to Your Daily Dish. “She is only in my office when it’s just the three of us at home. Therefore, Meeka edged her out in the voting for Employee of the Quarter!”

Source: Michael Reeg/Facebook

All of the outstanding employee accolades that have been bestowed upon Meeka received voter’s approval from Reeg’s colleagues in the California corporate office.

A spokesperson for Accuride International told The Dodo, “He sends an update after every quarter. Meeka is an outstanding support to Michael and his work. Dogs are the best.”

Besides keeping Reeg company at work, Meeka likes to take breaks from the job playing ball with the family.

“Outside of work, Meeka is pretty obsessed with playing ball,” Michael Reeg wrote to Your Daily Dish. “She love when one of us takes time to throw a tennis ball in the back yard. She will retrieve it and lay it at our feet countless times. We have to stop the game out of respect for her. Otherwise, she would go until she collapsed. Once we pick up the Chuck-It thrower, she takes off sprinting for the back corner. She may look older and slower, but don’t let that fool you. Once it’s play time for all, she’s a puppy again!”

Reeg is hoping all this attention doesn’t go to Meeka’s head and that she continues to “stay sharp.” With 2017 still open for nominations, perhaps Kya will paw up to the challenge.


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