Mom Tells Daughter She Can’t Afford New School Dresses; Stranger Steps in to Buy Them


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Source: Facebook/Lynnette Eastham Hostetter

Source: Facebook/Lynnette Eastham Hostetter

Back-to-school can be a stressful time for some parents. When it comes to children, just getting school supplies often isn’t enough. The kids are constantly growing and new school clothes and shoes are a must to start the year. For Lynnette Eastham Hostetter, that reality hit home recently, but she never expected how one stranger would act when they crossed paths in the store.

According to a post from Love What Matters, Hostetter was shopping with her daughter, Justine. Justine was trying on dresses, but Hostetter told Justine that “finances” were tight and that she might not be able to afford the dresses.


“Justine was trying on school clothes when a beautiful stranger overheard our conversation in the dressing room about finances being tight,” Hostetter wrote in her post. “She came to me and asked if it would be ok if she bought her ALL the dresses that my daughter had tried on.”

Hostetter said the gesture brought her to tears and accepted the stranger, Becca’s kindness.

“Thank you Becca. You did God’s work today and we are truly thankful!

Hostetter’s post helps show the unerring capacity for humans to come together and love one another without prejudice.

“This life is filled with the most wonderful kind people that I am truly blessed to come into contact with,” concluded Hostetter.

(H/T: Love What Matters)


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