Most Hated Basketball Players In The League


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We love ’em and we hate ’em. More than any other super star or celebrity, professional athletes seem to reach us at the gut level, where our emotions are always on edge and easily stirred. Watching a game, many fans react strongly to the players.


With millions of fans watching them, and cheering for them, or hating on them, it is easy to understand why professional athletes can have over-sized egos. Sometimes their big egos are well deserved: they are winning games and making us happy.  On the other hand, a big ego can be a bit too much, and we start to hate the ones we once loved. Or, we just hated them from the start.

Humble, modest athletes are the ones we usually love. They are performing miracles on the court and aren’t bragging about it. And we as their fans return the love. On the other hand, no one really likes a braggart, no matter how amazing they really are. So when they mess up, make mistakes, oh, do we love to point it out to them. When they’re winning, we can tolerate their trash talking, foul language and bragging. But when our athletes fall from grace, and start messing up, there’s no rage like a fan pissed off.

Other players often don’t like the big braggarts with their over-sized egos as well. These big shots are often overly aggressive players drawing the anger of opponents and teammates alike. For many, their on-court shenanigans often continue into their personal lives.

All sports have their share of these big over-sized egos. For basketball, having an inflated ego seems to be as much a part of the game as basic ball handling skills. So let’s take a look at some of the players we love to hate the most.


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