New College Building in China Looks Remarkably Like a Toilet


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Toilet-shaped building in China

An architect in China is getting lots of international attention for designing a building that looks uncannily like a toilet. The circular building has an unfortunate blue-roofed shed on top which distinguishes it’s potty-shaped seat.

This unique toilet-shaped design has been touted as a new state of the art space for students who will be able to enjoy plenty of sunlight in the cylindrical section of the building.


The laughable irony is it was built for the Longzihu Electric Power campus at North China University of Water Conservancy in Zhengzhou, Henan province – the school where they will train the next generation of geniuses who make sure the toilet flushes and refills with new water.

However, nobody seems to be paying attention to China’s State Council. They recently issued new guidelines back in February on urban planning that will curb the construction of ‘weird and odd shaped buildings’ in the country.

You can feast your eyes on architectural oddities found across China, such as the design for the new Beijing airport which many believe looks like a certain part of the female anatomy.

Beijing Aiport design



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