100 Puppies Highway

Cargo Van Rolls Over, Spills Over 100 Puppies on Highway; No Major Injuries Reported

Vickie Williams-Tillman

Baton Rouge Woman Is Saluted by Police and Mayor for Bravely Aiding Injured Officer

Connecticut Police Issue Funny Warning About ‘Suspicious Cows’


We Always Thought New Zealand Was an Island; Turns Out It’s the Tip of a Whole Continent

Lisa West Williams

Army Widow Breaks Down After Meeting Her Husband’s Coffin on Airport Tarmac

Bumblebees Endangered Species

Trump Administration Sued for Delaying Protections to Endangered Bumblebees

2-Year-Old's facial tumor

After Years of Surgery, See Adorable 2-Year-Old’s Amazing Transformation After Facial Tumor Removal

Shia LaBeouf Relocates Anti-Donald Trump Art Installation

Catholic Youth

Catholic Youth Basketball Team Wins Fight to Keep Female Teammates in Playoffs

oval office photo

Donald Trump’s Oval Office Photo Highlights the Lack of Diversity in the White House

Day Without Immigrants

A ‘Day Without Immigrants’ Rallies Show Just How Important They Are to America

Chilton County Sheriff's Department

Photo of County Deputy Comforting Child Goes Viral

San Francisco

San Francisco Approves Adoption-Only Pet Stores


An Edible, Biodegradable Bag Made From This Common Root Could Save the World From Plastic

New Study Claims Half of World’s Mammals At Risk Due to Climate Change

Trump impeachment

A 2014 Tweet From Donald Trump Sparks Impeachment Talk

Random Acts of Kindness Week 2017

Thousands of People Mark ‘Random Acts of Kindness Week’ 2017

military working dogs

13 Military Working Dogs That Will Fill Your Heart With Pride

Little Hats Big Hearts

Little Hats Big Hearts Program Encourages Moms and Babies to Be Heart Healthy

David Simons

This Nonprofit Helped a Man Go From Homeless to Employed

Puppy Without Front Legs

Puppy Born Without Front Legs and Left to Die in Trash Bag Gets Second Chance

Jazz Legend Al Jarreau Dead at 76

J.K. Rowling Wins Twitter Spat With Piers Morgan

Union City Police

Union City Police Purchase Girl Scout Cookies and Donate Cash to Robbed Girl Scout

Scott Wallace

Veteran Wins Fight to Fly a Marine Corps Flag Outside His Home

Honest 2017 Valentines

7 Honest Valentines for 2017

Dalmatian Prosthetics

Diabetic Pays Tribute to Dalmatians Who Pulled Him Out of Depression With Spotted Prosthetics

Judge Has Amazing Reaction to Defendant’s Parking Ticket

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter is Doing ‘Better and Better’ After ATV Crash

Nazanin Zinouri

Dog Filled With Joy After Greeting His Human When Trump’s Travel Ban Was Lifted