NFL Week 3: Nailbiters Give Redskins, Packers, Colts Much-Needed Wins


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Source: FXTribune

Source: FXTribune

If you love anxiety-inducing games of football, Week 3 of the NFL season was everything you could have hoped for, although it didn’t start out that way.

Week 3 kicked off on Thursday in Foxborough, Massachusetts, with the Houston Texans (2-1) embarrassing themselves by laying an egg against the undefeated New England Patriots (3-0), who won 27-0 despite trotting out their third-string quarterback, rookie Jacoby Brissett. Is it time to start moving Bill Belichick and company into a permanent room in the Hall of Fame?

Sunday brought the action-packed, tight games, along with a few heated divisional matchups:

The New York Giants (2-1) and Washington Redskins traded back-and-forth blows, with an astounding four lead changes in the second half. The much-anticipated rematch between cornerback Josh Norman and wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. was pretty conservative until the fourth quarter, when Beckham made a series of impressive catches. In the end, Washington (1-2) got their first win of the season, 29-27 by way of a late Eli Manning interception. Beckham took the loss pretty hard:

The Detroit Lions (1-2) almost pulled off an upset after being down 31-10, but a little Aaron Rodgers late game magic earned the Green Bay Packers (2-1) a 34-27 victory. They may have taken the loss, but Marvin Jones, Jr. is proving that life after Megatron (Calvin Johnson, Jr.) isn’t so bad after all:

In non-divisional action, the Baltimore Ravens had an insane game versus the Jacksonville Jaguars. With a little less than four minutes left in the fourth quarter, a Joe Flacco interception led to a Blake Bortles interception which led to another Joe Flacco interception which then led to a blocked field goal in the favor of the Ravens. In the end, Bortles’ turnovers proved to be the deciding factor as Baltimore (3-0) beat the Jaguars (0-3) 19-17:

The Miami Dolphins (1-2) continue to look clueless as a whole, as the less-talented Cleveland Browns (0-3) team, quarterbacked by third-string rookie Cody Kessler, fought all the way to a 24-24 tie. They had the chance to win the game when they recovered a Ryan Tannehill fumble with 15 seconds left in the game, but the Browns will Brown, and kicker Cody Parker missed the potential game-winning 46-yard field goal. The team then lost 30-24 in overtime:

The San Diego Chargers (1-2) were seemingly in control late in the game against the Indianapolis Colts (1-2) until the unthinkable happened – T.Y. Hilton took a simple slant route (after running through a tackle attempt) 63 yards for the go-ahead score. Then, Chargers rookie tight end Hunter Henry fumbled a first down catch, and Andrew Luck, having completed another comeback, knelt down to seal the victory 26-22:

Unfortunately for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers (1-2), the Minnesota Vikings (3-0) defense came to play, manhandling them on the way to a 22-10 victory. But, luckily for us, Newton brought out a new hat for his post-game press conference:

Check out the full scoreboard of the rest of Sunday’s action along with top Fantasy stars from each game:

Buffalo Bills (1-2) def. Arizona Cardinals (1-2) 33-18
(Fantasy Star: LeSean McCoy – 17 carries, 110 yards, two touchdowns)

Denver Broncos (3-0) def. Cincinnati Bengals (1-2) 29-17
(Fantasy Star: Trevor Siemian – 23/35 for 312 passing yards, four touchdowns)

Oakland Raiders (1-2) def. Tennessee Titans (1-2) 17-10
(Fantasy Star: DeMarco Murray – 16 carries, 114 rushing yards, one touchdown, five catches, 41 receiving yards)

Seattle Seahawks (2-1) def. San Francisco 49ers (1-2) 37-18
(Fantasy Star: Doug Baldwin – 8 catches, 164 yards, one touchdown)

Kansas City (2-1) def. New York Jets (1-2) 24-3
(Fantasy Star: Chiefs Defense – six interceptions, three fumbles, one touchdown)

Philadelphia Eagles (3-0) def. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1) 34-3
(Fantasy Star: Darren Sproles – six catches, 128 yards, one touchdown)

Los Angeles Rams (2-1) def. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-2) 37-32
(Fantasy Star: Tavon Austin – five catches, 82 yards, one touchdown, 2 carries, 22 rushing yards)

Dallas Cowboys (2-1) def. Chicago Bears (0-3) 31-17
(Fantasy Star: Dak Prescott – 19/24 for 248 yards, one touchdown, four carries, 36 rushing yards, one touchdown)

New England Patriots (3-0) def. Houston Texans (2-1) 27-0
(Fantasy Star: LeGarrette Blount – 24 carries, 105 yards, two touchdowns)

Washington Redskins (1-2) def. New York Giants (2-1) 29-27
(Fantasy Star: Dustin Hopkins – 5/5 Field Goals, 2/2 Extra Points for a total of 17 points.

Green Bay Packers (2-1) def. Detroit Lions (1-2) 34-37
(Fantasy Star: Marvin Jones, Jr. – 6 catches, 205 yards, two touchdowns)

Baltimore Ravens def. Jacksonville Jaguars 19-17
(Fantasy Star: Justin Tucker – 4/4 Field Goals, 1/1 Extra Points for a total of 13 points)

Miami Dolphins (1-2) def. Cleveland Brows (0-3) 30-24
(Fantasy Star: Jarvis Landry – 7 catches, 120 yards, one touchdown)

Indianapolis Colts (1-2) def. San Diego Chargers (1-2) 26-22
(Fantasy Star: T.Y. Hilton – 8 catches, 174 yards, one touchdown)

Minnesota Vikings (3-0) def. Carolina Panthers (1-2) 22-10
(Fantasy Star: Vikings Defense – three interceptions, eight sacks, one safety)

Atlanta Falcons (2-1) def. New Orleans Saints (0-3) 45-32
(Fantasy Star: Devonta Freeman – 14 carries, 152 yards; 5 catches, 55 yards, 1 TD)

See you all in Week 4!


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