Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister Angry at David Schwimmer for Lack of Consultation


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O.J. Simpson’s former sister-in-law has attacked actor David Schwimmer for failing to consult her family before taking on the role of lawyer Robert Kardashian in a new TV drama about the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

The Friends star portrays Kim Kardashian’s late dad in American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, a TV re-enactment of the fallen sportsman’s 1995 murder trial.


Schwimmer previously revealed he had spent hours interviewing Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, who was best friends with Brown Simpson in preparation for his role, but Brown Simpson’s sister believes he and the show’s executive producer Ryan Murphy should also have made an effort to hear the other side of the story from her family too. “I will say, people, David included, should have considered (speaking to) family members, not just friends,” Tanya Brown wrote in a statement issued to ABC News. “Just tired of disrespect in our country. Celebrity and non,” she added suggesting Schwimmer only chose to speak to Jenner because she is a reality star. Representatives for Schwimmer and FX, have declined to comment on Brown’s remarks. Jenner is played by actress Selma Blair in the show, while Cuba Gooding, Jr. stars as Simpson. Meanwhile, another one of Simpson’s attorneys on the case, Carl E. Douglas, recently met with actor Dale Godboldo, who portrays the lawyer onscreen and claims most of the cast members were specifically advised not to engage with their real-life counterparts prior to shooting. “They were directed to not have any direct contact with the people who they were portraying until after the filming,” Douglas told Good Morning America. As a result, he is looking forward to tuning in for Godboldo’s upcoming performance, adding, “I’m looking at it with giddy anticipation.”

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