No More Warming Up Your Car with this Simple Defrosting Hack


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Source: Facebook/Ken Weathers

Source: Facebook/Ken Weathers

Winter can be a hassle for a number of reasons, but defrosting your car windshield every morning can really be a pain. However, thanks to one weatherman, there’s a foolproof remedy to that pre-work ritual.

In a video posted to Facebook, Knoxville’s WATE 6 weatherman, Ken Weathers, provides a simple solution to take the grind out of clearing your windshield in those frigid mornings.


Normally, clearing the windshield requires a lot of time or elbow grease, either warming up the car for sometimes five minutes or more, or getting the ol’ ice scraper out and going to town.

But Weathers’ approach makes those two solutions a thing of the past.

Clearing frost solutionAn EASY way to clear frost off your windshield if you have to park outside at night!(**Make sure all chemicals are labeled and kept away from small children in your home**)

Posted by WATE Ken Weathers on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

According to Weathers, a simple mixture of Isopropyl – rubbing alcohol – and water in a standard spray bottle will clear the frost from your windshield in seconds.

Weathers’ mixture is just 1/3 part water added to 2/3 part rubbing alcohol. The reason this works so well?

“Rubbing alcohol has a freezing point of 128 degrees below freezing,” said Weathers. “So, you can always keep this mixture in your car and it will never freeze.”

Well, my mornings just got so much easier.


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