Cop Pulls Over Woman and Kindly Pays for Car Repairs


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Meet Officer Strandh, a police officer from Durham, North Carolina who knows what it means to be kind.


Last week, Officer Strandh pulled over Courtney Bailey. She was not wearing a seatbelt while speeding and having an expired license. Bailey was on her way to donate plasma in exchange for money, as she had just lost her job. However, Officer Strandh “felt a connection” with Bailey and insisted on helping her out instead of giving her a ticket. “I don’t really know. I just felt some sort of connection with her, and I knew she needed some help, obviously,” Officer Strandh told North Carolina television station WRAL. Officer Strandh then escorted Bailey over to Mr. Tire for a new inspection and some brand new tires. The officer even paid for the service as a treat to Bailey. “When he went up to pay for the tire, he pulls out his debit card and it had his children on it,” Bailey said to WRAL. “The first thing that pops into my head is that, you’re a cop, on a cop’s salary, and you’re about to drop $200 on me? You don’t know me.” She continued, “That type of consideration and compassion isn’t something that you’re really used to like nowadays with humans in general, especially not police officers.” Bailey posted about the kind encounter on Facebook where it quickly went viral. Officer Strandh’s wife even saw the kind story online before he was able to share it with her. “She saw it and she asked me about it, and I said, ‘Yeah, that’s my stop,'” Officer Strandh said to WRAL. Officer Strandh’s act of kindness has given Bailey a new perspective about police officers. “I think that’s the thing that really touched other people. We get so caught up in just kind of making it that we forget to really connect with someone else’s humanity,” Bailey said to WRAL. The viral video is even helping Bailey in ways she never expected. Since being posted, many people have reached out offering to help her find a new job. “All black people ain’t criminals, all police ain’t looking to kill us,” Bailey told the Herald Sun. “Something has to give, and especially after today I’m willing to give it a chance.” Watch Bailey’s video sharing the story below.

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