Oreo Bagels Are Here to Take Your Breakfast to the Next Level


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Source: Instagram @hannahouimet

Source: Instagram @hannahouimet

Move over rainbow bagel, Oreo bagels have arrived.

A bagel store in New Jersey has created the ultimate food mashup. Fittingly called the Oreo Overload, these bagels can be found at The Bagel Nook in Freehold, New Jersey.


So what exactly is in the Oreo Overload? According to Metro, the breakfast-dessert hybrid is “made up of a vanilla-chocolate swirled bagel, smothered in cookies-n-cream-flavored cream cheese with full Oreo cookies in the middle.”

Yes, full Oreo cookies sandwiched in the middle.

“whatcha gonna do with that dessert?” – Dawin

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Along with the Oreo Overload, The Bagel Nook also serves up some other pretty sweet treats including a Coco Puff bagel, a Cap N’ Crunch bagel, and a Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese bagel.

After trying the Oreo bagel, people shared their reactions on social media and from the looks of it, the Oreo bagel is worth it.

So, anyone up for a road trip to New Jersey?

Check out more delicious creations from The Bagel Nook on their website and Instagram page.


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