Patricia Arquette Teams With UN to Launch Equal Pay Platform


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Source: UN

Patricia Arquette has teamed up with officials at UN Women to unveil an equal pay platform to help fight the gender wage gap.

The Boyhood actress, who made an impassioned speech about pay inequality as she accepted the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2015, appeared at the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations headquarters on Monday to launch the Equal Pay Platform of Champions, which tackles issues such as equal pay laws, parental leave and childcare policies, and minimum living wage.


She hopes the program will raise awareness that “the lowest wage earners are often women” and aid in the assembling of a group of high-profile advocates to help spread the message. After Arquette gave her speech at the Oscars, a number of Hollywood figures opened up about their own struggles with pay imbalance, but she hopes the new platform will put the focus on the issue on a global scale. “Unfortunately it’s not just in Hollywood — that’s a niche industry, very few people even get to work as actors — the problem is in 98 percent of industries. If you ask a nurse or a teacher or a day-care worker, she’ll tell you the same,” she said, according to Vogue. Retired U.S. women’s soccer team captain Abby Wambach, actress Kamala Lopez and Pakistani filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy have also been enlisted to help raise awareness about the issue.