Reese’s Incites Furor Over Christmas Tree Candies Fail


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Source: Hershey's/Twitter

Source: Hershey’s/Twitter

Christmas Tree Or Christmas Turd?

Peanut butter and chocolate lovers are giving the Starbuck’s community a run for their money after the red cup controversy with the newest holiday feud. However, this might be the most ridiculous one yet. Many people are now upset that the annual Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Christmas trees do not actually resemble Christmas trees.


Angry members of the Reese’s community have been sharing pictures of their so-called Christmas Tree Peanut Butter Cups on social media to show their frustrations.

“With a few of the candy blobs coming out of the wrappers looking like they had been melted in the hot sun, reshaped, and then frozen back into solid form,” reported, “the tasteless jokes started coming as well.”

In past years, the chocolate candy looked recognizable as a tree with a stump and branches. This year the candy looked more like “ridiculous blobs,” “boring eggs,” or as some angry Peanut Butter Cup experts claim, “dog poop,” The Daily Mail reported.

According to, this is not the first time the Hershey’s candy company has struggled during a holiday. This past Halloween, the Peanut Butter Pumpkins had a similar outcome leaving many consumers unhappy.

Just add this compliant to the on-going ridiculousness that has already shaped this holiday season. While it may not be the intricate chocolate tree you hoped for, it is probably still delicious.


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