Restaurant Hilariously Revamps Menu for Indecisive Kids Who Can Never Pick What They Want


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Going out to eat with a picky eater can be very difficult, especially if the picky eater is under the age of 10.

While the coloring books and fun straws that come with the meal act as a little buffer, choosing something to eat off the kids menu can be a different set of issues. Thankfully, one deli recognized this problem and decided to put a comical twist on their menu to help ease the pain.


The deli changed up its kids menu to name the meals after classic phrases normally said by indecisive kids when they are out to eat. Highlights on the menu include the “I Don’t Know” (a hot dog with fries) or the “I’m Not Hungry” (grilled cheese with fries).

Local Delis Kids menu from funny

The menu was spotted by Reddit user Nick Mosit at the Deli at Mansion Park in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

“It’s definitely relatable to most people,” shared Mosit, who eats at the deli every week with his coworkers. “Whether you’ve had kids or not there has most likely been a time in your life where you’ve had to listen to a parent force the kid to choose their food at a restaurant.”

The manager of the deli, Brian Stroh, shared with the Huffington Post that the “inspiration for the menu came from real kids.” Overall, it’s been a big hit with everyone.

“The parents love it,” he said. “That’s what I hear when kids are here ordering with their parents. I don’t know! I don’t care! I’m not hungry!”


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