Review: ‘Manchester by the Sea’ Is One of the Most Emotionally Moving Films in Years


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Writer-director Kenneth Lonergan (Gangs of New York) has produced a masterpiece.

Casey Affleck (who is often grossly underestimated as an actor) turns in a brilliant performance as Lee Chandler, a man unable to put behind him a great tragedy that occurred in his life and for which he holds himself accountable. Due to the death of his brother, Lee must return from his solitary life in Boston to his prior home, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. It is in Manchester that his life was changed forever and where he must now face the challenges presented by his brother’s death and the new guardianship of his teenaged nephew. Further details of the plot would be unjust, since its unwinding on the screen is a thing of beauty, but know that Affleck’s performance should generate an Oscar nomination, if not a win.


Every performance in the film is outstanding, every one of them. Give credit to Lonergan for this. Lucas Hedges, as the nephew, deserves special mention.

This is a movie where you heard people in the audience both crying and laughing. It is one of the most emotionally moving films seen in many years. The film should be nominated for Best Picture and has a good chance of taking home that prize. Kenneth Lonergan may also be nominated for Best Director and/or Best Original Screenplay.

If you love movies at all, this film is a must see.

Click on the trailer for Manchester by the Sea below.


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