Ringo Starr’s Twitter Page Hacked


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Courtesy of WENN Newsdesk

Beatles icon Ringo Starr fell victim to an Internet hacker on Monday after his Twitter page was compromised.

Fans of the veteran rocker became suspicious after noticing a series of odd messages pop up on Starr’s micro-blogging profile, with one retweet stating, “fuck the beatles.”


The hacker also criticized One Direction star Harry Styles, with the post stating, “Being honest here, @Harry_Styles was a bit smelly.”

The cyber criminal responsible for the Twitter hack also changed the profile image on the drummer’s page and switched the handle to read “#PeggleCrew” instead of the usual Ringo Starr, according to Buzzfeed UK.

The real Starr appeared to regain control of his Twitter page shortly afterward and promptly deleted all of the unauthorized posts before resetting his profile picture to show a photo of himself flashing his famous peace sign, while holding a sign which read “Not Afraid.”

He has yet to comment directly on the hack attack.


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