Robert De Niro Was a Big Fan of Meryl Streep’s Passionate Globes Speech


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Robert De Niro has applauded pal Meryl Streep for taking aim at Donald Trump in her Golden Globes lifetime achievement award acceptance speech.

The actress’ passionate rant, during which she criticized the President-elect’s conduct and urged the media to hold him accountable when he takes office on January 20, split Hollywood, but De Niro was a big fan of what she said.

“What you said was great,” Streep’s Marvin’s Room co-star says. “It needed to be said, and you said it beautifully.

“I have so much respect for you that you did it while the world was celebrating your achievements. I share your sentiments about punks and bullies. Enough is enough.”

“You, with your elegance and intelligence, have a powerful voice – one that inspires others to speak up as they should so their voices will be heard too. It is so important that we ALL speak up.”

Zoe Saldana was also a big fan of what Streep said at the Globes.

“It was beautiful, it was very strong and she had all of our attention,” the Guardians of the Galaxy star adds. “Sometimes a message can be that strong and that inspiring where you can hear a pin drop. It’s those moments, they give you goosebumps. I mean, it gave me goosebumps, I was very moved.”


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