Robert De Niro and Tom Hanks Roasted by President Obama at White House


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Source: Huffington Post

Robert De Niro and Tom Hanks were the butt of President Barack Obama’s jokes on Thursday as they collected Presidential Medal of Freedom honors at the White House.

The president saluted 21 Americans during the ceremony in Washington, D.C. but the Hollywood superstars’ tributes were more like roasts as Obama poked fun at De Niro‘s mobster roles in films like Analyze This, Meet The Fockers, and Casino, and the misfortunes of Hanks’ movie characters in Sully, Captain Phillips, and Joe Vs. The Volcano.


Taking aim at De Niro, the U.S. leader joked, “His characters are iconic – a Sicilian father-turned-New York mobster, a mobster who runs a casino, a mobster who needs therapy, a father-in-law who is scarier than a mobster, Al Capone – a mobster…”

He then turned on Hanks and suggested no one should ever travel with the actor because his characters are always tested on trips.

“I mean, you think about it, you got pirates, plane crashes, you get marooned… [there’s] volcanoes. Something happens with Tom Hanks… and yet somehow we can’t resist going where he wants to take us.”

Hanks and De Niro were joined by A-listers Bruce Springsteen, Diana Ross, Ellen DeGeneres, Cicely Tyson, and Michael Jordan among the 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients.


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