Grieving Father Shares Heartfelt Video to Help Raise Awareness for Depression


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Ronstin Smith is dealing with every parent’s worst nightmare.


Last Friday, the New Jersey man’s 15-year-old daughter jumped off a highway overpass and was fatally struck by a car. According to Inside Edition, the girl – who battled depression in the past – fled from her home after leaving her parents a note telling them not to blame themselves.

Sadly, Smith’s story is not all that uncommon. A 2016 study released by the CDC revealed that suicide rates in girls around the same age have increased dramatically since 1999.

ronstin smith

Source: CDC

With other children and families in mind, Ronstin Smith made a Facebook video shortly after the tragic events. After heartbreakingly recounting what happened to his daughter, Smith implores anyone watching to be on the lookout for warning signs — and to proactively try to help anyone suffering.

“Don’t ignore whatever’s going on in that person’s life,” he said in the video. “When somebody calls for help, you go out of your way and you help them.”

ronstin smith

Source: Inside Edition/AOL Video

The distressed dad goes on, “If somebody says something that sounds like they’re in danger, help them. Get them the help that they need. Don’t just stand there, don’t just close your eyes, help them.”

For help, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s 24-hour hotline at (800) 273-8255.


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