Ryan Gosling’s Teenage Doppelgänger Remade the Opening Scene of ‘La La Land’ To Ask Emma Stone to Prom


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Source: Her Campus, Jacob Staudenmaier Twitter

An inventive Emma Stone fan has asked the Oscar winner to his high school prom by recreating the opening song and dance sequence of her hit film La La Land.

Teenager Jacob Staudenmaier and his school friends in Stone’s native Scottsdale, Arizona have put together a video urging the 28-year-old actress to be his date. In the clip, filmed outside Staudenmaier ‘s high school, the hopeful teen, dressed in a tuxedo and bow-tie, begs Stone to consider accompanying him to the prom, singing lines like: “People say I look like Ryan Gosling and maybe that’s a bit far-fetched” in his reworked “Another Day of Sun” number. Gosling co-starred with Stone in the movie musical, which landed her a Best Actress Oscar earlier this year.

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