One Facebook User’s Odd View on Death and the Afterlife is Going Viral


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Pondering life and death has long preoccupied the minds of many human beings. Facebook user Samuel Murray waded into the debate on death earlier this week on social media. His post on January 8 about his thoughts on the subject quickly went viral.


The post reads, “What if when we die the light at the end of the tunnel is the light to another hospital room, there we are born and the only reason you come out crying is because you remember everything from your past life and you’re crying at the fact that you died and lost everything, as you grow you start to forget your past life and focus on the life you have now, but patches of memory stay behind and that memory causes deja vu. Think ’bout that for a second.” There are many theories on the afterlife out there, so it’s perhaps no surprise that Murray’s unusual theories quickly went viral. His post has amassed over 116,000 reactions, 130,000 shares, and over 30,000 comments as of January 11. Your Daily Dish has reached out to Samuel Murray for comment. 

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