Shannen Doherty Accuses Former Managers Of Criminal Conduct


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Shannen Doherty has accused an employee at her former management firm of fraudulently obtaining confidential medical information from insurance providers by impersonating the actress.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star revealed her breast cancer battle in August after letting the news slip in a lawsuit filed against bosses at Tanner Mainstain, who allegedly ignored a medical insurance bill which cost her her coverage last year.


As a result, Doherty missed a number of doctor check-ups and when she was eventually able to get an appointment under her renewed coverage, she was diagnosed with cancer – something medical experts believe may have been caught earlier had she had a routine physical in 2014.

Now the 44-year-old has uncovered explosive new evidence of “criminal conduct” to back up her case after filing audio recordings purportedly featuring Tanner Mainstain worker Kimberly Gabay posing as Doherty in a bid to uncover details about the missed payment in an effort to prove the management firm’s bosses never received the insurance invoice.

In one call, dated July 8 and made after Doherty had fired Tanner Mainstain bosses as her business representatives, Gabay reportedly called officials at the Screen Actors Guild Health Plan and told the operator, “I’m wondering if you can help me, and I know this might sound a little stupid. I need to know where my billing statement was mailed on January of 2014 if that’s possible.”

According to the recordings, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, when asked her name, Gabay responded, “Shannen Doherty,” but she was unable to provide further information needed for identity verification to gain access to the billing details.

Gabay allegedly made a second call to SAG Health Plan later that day, when she claimed to be asking a question on behalf of a client, despite no longer working with Doherty. She was subsequently able to get the information required by giving up Doherty’s social security number over the phone.

Doherty’s lawyers are demanding Gabay be compelled to sit for a deposition, with her attorney, Devin McRae, stating: “The illicit conduct by Tanner Mainstain’s employees detailed in this motion speaks volumes regarding the integrity and credibility of this business management firm – something to think about when they ask you for complete control over your finances and a power of attorney.”

A representative for Tanner Mainstain has yet to comment on the details of Monday’s filing.


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