Shannen Doherty Shares Throwback Head-Shaving Video to Mark of Chemo


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Shannen Doherty has posted a throwback video which showed the actress, who is battling cancer, having her head shaved.


The Charmed actress was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and by the following year it had spread to her lymphatic system, forcing her to make the decision to chop all her hair off before continuing with treatment. After completing chemotherapy at the end of February, Doherty shared an intimate video of the poignant moment from last summer. The star previously gave a glimpse of her cut taking place at the time, but only in separate snaps during each stage. “This day….. laughing thru (sic) the tears. Thank you @annemkortright for jumping in and doing what needed to be done. @themamarosa,” the 45-year-old captioned the emotional footage from July 2016, which shows her giggling as her pal Anne Marie Kortright buzzes away at her locks. “Right now I look like Bart Simpson,” she laughs in the short clip, referring to her spiky finish at one point. Shannen’s hair is growing back, slowly but surely she shared, commenting on her cropped do to Extra recently. “I’m happy with the little Twiggy haircut (I have) at the moment,” she said of her new shorter style. “I’m rocking it… I get ready in, like, five minutes, so it’s fantastic.”

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