Shia LaBeouf: ‘I Didn’t Want My Wedding Livestreamed’


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Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth didn’t want their wedding broadcast to the world.

The Transformers star and the British actress exchanged vows during a ceremony officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator at the Viva Las Vegas chapel in Sin City last week, and the casual nuptials were streamed live online.


But LaBeouf now insists it was not part of his plan to have the ceremony blasted onto the worldwide web.

Dismissing reports the wedding was another one of his famous performance art pieces, he told Ellen DeGeneres, “The plan was for it to be a private deal and as part of the package, the King Tut package, you get a livestream for free. I said, ‘You know, we don’t really need that as a matter of fact. We’ll just take our private tape’… and they said no problem.

“We get back home and it’s like, ‘Woah, hey listen, something changed.’ I call them up and they said somebody pressed the wrong button that sends the video to TMZ. I said I understood. I checked with my girl and she said, ‘Hey, what are you gonna do?’ And you know, it’s love. We’re proud of it. It was love.”

However, it now appears the nuptials may have to take place again to be legally binding after a representative for Clark County revealed the couple did not apply for a license to wed, and the ceremony was just a commitment event.

“Our records show no marriage license for Shia LaBeouf & Mia Goth,” the spokesperson wrote on the Clark County Nevada Twitter page. “A commitment ceremony was performed.”

LaBeouf and Goth were reportedly engaged for some time after meeting and falling in love while shooting Nymphomaniac: Vol. II in 2012. Rumors of a future wedding first swirled early last year, before the couple split that summer following a nasty argument on a street in Germany.

They subsequently reunited, and in March the 30-year-old actor reportedly told a grocery store cashier he was planning to wed Goth.


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