Student Surprises Grandparents With Paid-Off Mortgage


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Source: K5 News

Source: K5 News

It’s the gift we all dream of: a paid-off mortgage. Even if you don’t have a mortgage, you still probably fantasize about that sense of relief of paying it off once you have one. (It’s not weird. Don’t worry.)

This dream came true for a couple in Texas when their grandson decided to surprise them with a gift they never saw coming.


Stefun Darts saved up $15,000 in order to pay off his grandparents’ mortgage by working full time, in addition to being a student. He also runs a non-profit called Caring Heart Youth.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Marilyn Roberts, Stefun’s grandmother, to K5 News. “To have a grandson like that is a blessing.”

Darts reportedly ate microwave pizza for months on end and never went out in order to save enough money.

In addition to the home, however, Darts also gave his grandparents a trip to the Bahamas.

“I don’t do this for accolades,” Darts said. “To see tears of joy, to experience that in a lifetime, it’s like how many people can say that?”

Check out the emotional video below.


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