Stunning Celebrity Daughters


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Celebrity daughters, especially when they’re beautiful, get special attention by the paparazzi. For these daughters, enjoying a simple, normal life isn’t always easy. Growing up in front of a camera can take its toll on a young girl, unless she develops a thick skin and a tolerance for being in the public eye 24/7.

But being the child of a celebrity has its perks, too. You usually grow up pretty well off, if not rich, go to good schools, hang out with other celebrity kids, and when you grow up, the career opportunities are often yours for the picking. And if you are drop-dead gorgeous, like the celebrity daughters in this slideshow, life can be a charm.  The following beautiful women can thank their parents’ great genes for their good looks and glamorous life.

Kate Hudson


SCD_Kate Hudson

This knock-out takes after her beautiful mom Goldie Hawn.  Hudson is best known for her starring roles in some major hit films such as Almost FamousHow to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Raising Helen, You, Me and Dupree, Fool’s Gold, and Bride Wars – to name a few. When you see this hot dish on screen, all eyes are drawn to her. She is that gorgeous.


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